JMS - management guidelines for winning a place in the new century

In the spring of 1998, when the competitive advantage and reliability of products made by Japanese industries was lowering and the clamor for reform arose, ChuSanRen marked its 50th anniversary of founding. We, at that time, sought opinions regarding a new role for ChuSanRen for the 21st century from those in industry and academic parties, as well as from intellectuals, and began structuring the framework of the Japan Management Standard (JMS), a restructuring guideline for companies who were engaged in the manufacturing operations.

With the co-operation of 15 companies, which were based in Central Japan region and represented Japan's manufacturing industries, we united under the same objective of developing management guidelines for winning of a place in the new century. The JMS Council was inaugurated in August, 1999 and engaged in the drafting of JMS contents for 18 months and finally was able to transmit the completed JMS to the world in the summer of 2001.

The JMS contains specific and detailed wisdom, which are practiced in actual workplace of each company. The JMS comprises of a practical guide, check sheet, and evaluation criteria sheet.

It would not be an exaggeration to say that the JMS is an unprecedented new management indicator for a management model, which was developed by industries by themselves. We are confident that any organization can gain the power to win a place in the harsh and competitive modern era through the effective application of the JMS.


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