As a reliable partner of industries for challenge

A business leader is required to be flexible in thinking and agile in action, and is needed to have clear philosophy and principles of management based on a world -wide perspective.

ChuSanRen is providing professional service to support the business leader for the process of change and innovation. Consultation & training service include:

  1. Survey on management issues,
  2. Diagnosis and consultation on all topics from management strategy to daily operations,
  3. Consultation on specific problem areas: finance, production, and human resource management in local environment as well as in overseas operations.

We also dispatch consultants and instructors to in-house training programs.

Leading programs for surviving the age of change

ChuSanRen is providing world-class programs, which are developed at ChuSanRen Institute of Management (CIM), and implementing these programs by experienced consultants exactly meeting with the requests from industries. Examples of leading programs are:

  1. Integrated program to transform business by both directions: management system and workplace operations,
  2. Introducing Toyota Production System (TPS) to other industries than automobile,
  3. TPS application program of Sequencing, Streamlining, and Visualization,
  4. Visual Management Program for upgrading sales functions,
  5. Performance evaluation and wage system for transforming human resource management system, etc.

ChuSanRen is working with over 500 individual companies annually, to develop people and implement new management system.


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