Develop individuals who are leading tomorrow

The route of producing goods, which Japan has been focusing, is the route of developing people, and indeed a key for an industry to survive.

The generation of baby boomers, which has long been the backbone of business, will begin to reach the age of retirement from 2007. It becomes one of the most critical issues for industries to secure and keep Human Resources. ChuSanRen regards this situation as a period of structural reform and strongly supports industries in their Human Resource Development (HRD) programs through providing seminars.

Based on our belief that only intelligence/spirit of people will develop valuable products and bring innovation to an organization, we have established a "new service policy" and provide a place of training, where "technology" and "spirit" are integrated. We regard this as the central theme of our strategy.

Training programs of all-encompassing capability development

ChuSanRen holds approximately 230 seminars for HRD every year, offering opportunities to understand the importance of business principles, philosophy and creativity. Those include:

  1. Seminars by hierarchy and occupation, which cover latest issues of management,
  2. Customized in-house training/camp,
  3. Overseas training: Cruise of Creativity,
  4. Junior Executive Academy (JEA),
  5. Top Management Seminar on various themes,
  6. Seminar on Japan Management Standard (JMS), and
  7. Seminar on Toyota Production System (TPS).

In addition to open and public seminars, we also offer various in-house training programs.

Over 10,000 people are attending our seminars from senior executives to new recruits.


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