Welcoming for ChuSanRen Membership

ChuSanRen is an association of approximately 900 member companies/organizations, which appreciate its mission. Activities of ChuSanRen are carried out based on the principle of serving its members. In order for its members to fully appreciate the advantages of ChuSanRen membership, as well as for more companies/organizations to join ChuSanRen, we have committed ourselves to enhancing member privileges, while paying due attention to maintaining our quality of service.

Moreover, ChuSanRen is organizing activities of "member councilors" for further vitalizing member organizations. Such efforts are supported through the strengthening of PR activities. Furthermore, ChuSanRen regards supports to its member corporations as an important priority subject.

Member privileges to enhance obtaining information and knowledge

ChuSanRen provides diverse privileges for its members in order to offer beneficial and timely management information and knowledge, as part of our member service. These privileges include:

  1. Free invitation to the Monthly Seminar, in which a leading expert of a relevant field is invited to offer lectures to members,
  2. Free distribution of monthly management journal "Progress" and other booklets,
  3. Swift information provision and seminar application on the Web,
  4. Free management/legal consultation, management technique,
  5. Survey/research/information provision, and
  6. Member discounts on seminars and training hosted by ChuSanRen.

We will continue to strive to create more helpful privileges/services for our members.


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