Toward a turning point of 60th anniversary,
We are pursuing our mission: serve for others.

ChuSanRen, abbreviation of its Japanese name: Chubu Sangyo Renmei, and Central Japan Industries Association in English, was founded in 1948 as an independent organization of non-government and public interest; that provides service to support and facilitate industries for their reconstruction and development after the War.

Succeeding the founding spirits of Serve For Others, ChuSanRen has been working with industries in helping them to develop people through consultation and training service, and contributing to upgrading management level of industries. Today, ChuSanRen has grown to be a nationwide organization specializing in management service, with a membership of 900 companies/organizations (approx).

In 2008, we will stand at crossroads of 60th anniversary of founding. We are reviewing our service: "how we should be" and "what role we should have," based on our starting point of an organization of public interest, and preparing for launching the Action Plan for new challenges.

ChuSanRen continues to take initiatives, under the age of dramatic change in worldwide economy, for contributing further development of industries.

Offering new domain of management service, and helping industries develop people
to survive in changing business environment.

ChuSanRen, as a specialist in management service, has its own think-tank: ChuSanRen Institute of Management (CIM) to develop unique programs with updated management know-how. Based on the outputs from CIM, we are offering two thrusts of service: consultation and training, for helping industries to develop people. Now these programs cover wide areas of service for meeting the requirement of 21st century, such as International co-operation activities, Japan Management Standard (JMS), ISO Management System for helping acquisition of certificate, and facilitating Environmental Partnership Organizing Club (EPOC), etc. ChuSanRen is always upgrading its service quality by staying one step ahead of the Age of Change, and working with our customers to solve management problems.


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